Joe Biden’s Age

Van Talmage
3 min readMay 5, 2023

I am almost the same age as Joe Biden.

I am also a runner so Facebook regular sends me posts about old runners in their 70’s, 80’s, even 90’s and over 100. Lots of elderly runners. Marathons under 4 hours, Ironman contestants, 100 mile finishers.

Think about the bell-shaped curve and think about the extremes. Of all the elders (say about 10% of the population or 30 million) the number of “most fit” (top 1% of the 30 million) is about 300,000 individuals. Biden could easily be in that most fit category.

Then there is this: except for senior moments, your mind does not age like your body. Ask any fit senior and they will tell you their mind still feels the same as it always has. You still think and understand like you always did. Your body ages differently from your mind. It is your motivation, energy, and interest that counts.

And then there is this: the best indicators for longevity are a good relationship and healthy lifestyle (exercise, no smoking, not too much weight). Joe qualifies there. His relationship with Jill is a role model.

So I have been thinking about Biden’s Age and have come to these conclusions:

· If he was 65 he would be a shoe-in for re-election because he has done such a good job.

· If he wants to keep going, he has earned the right to.

· If he feels he can do it, then he probably can.

· If the worst the opposition can throw at him is his age, then this shows he has done well.

· I would accept it if he did not run, rested on his laurels and enjoyed retirement. I would applaud his work as President.

I think it is of note that the Republicans are already saying they are running against Kamala Harris (because Joe is so old, he won’t last 4 years).

The other thing that needs to be said: Joe has good people around him. He has a very capable (and younger) team and they seem to work well together. Contrast this style to the other old guy running for President (compare their lifestyles, relationships, etc.).

Just for the record, here is the Biden Good List:

· Is not TRUMP, does not act like a jerk, does not contribute to hatred and discord, does not weaponize everything, does not use Federal Government to go after his enemies.

· Excellent handling of the overall economy in a turbulent time.

· Correct priorities (support for people and common good, believe in investment in education and infrastructure, understanding of seriousness of climate change).

· Good Foreign involvement: Out of Afghanistan and support for Ukraine.

· Seasoned politician (tries to work across the aisle and develop reasonable decisions). Considerably better at governance than Republicans.

· Good people around him and ability to listen to ideas. Wisdom, not narcissism.

· Positive tone. Good work ethic.

And there is this: The most important thing is that MAGA sides gets a political thumping. Nothing could be worse than another Trump Presidency.

You don’t have to be Democrat to understand that.

Ridin’ with Biden (again)