Two Old Men

Van Talmage
1 min readOct 1, 2023

Let’s just say there are two old guys running for President.

One is calm, decent, diplomatic, and a person who knows how to get things done. The other is narcistic, lies all the time, doesn’t understand how things work and wants to be a dictator for life.

One reaches out to all Americans, understands where the real issues are. The other incites violence, goes after his enemies with vengeance, doesn’t pay his bills, breaks laws, and wants to overthrow the government.

One is a good Catholic, respectful and polite, who seeks the best for all, and understands fairness. The other is greedy and power hungry, takes advantage of poor souls by getting them to pay for his misdeeds, holds the Bible upside down and wants others to think he is the Messiah or close to it.

One is surrounded by accomplished and talented people, and he listens and understands their advice. The other surrounds himself with Yes men (sycophants) and thinks only he can fix anything.

One is promoting American, building infrastructure, helping people. The other is mean, nasty, vulgar, never discusses real issues, and has been known to cheat on his wives.

One is trying to bring people together. The other is a major contributor to the increased political divide in this country.

One supports our allies and is fighting against those that invade other countries. The other supports the enemies of our country.

Two old men running for President.

Which America do we want?